Quarterly report on “the worst hosts”

Researchers led the list of the worst hosts, as well as describe the trends in cyber security from the perspective of the problems and solutions at the level of hosts. The Russian company Group IB, together with the organization HostExploit (HE) presented a regular quarterly report, “The worst networks and hosts.” The report for the(…)

Dell SecureWorks told about the hacker attack on 200 computers of government organizations

At the RSA Conference representatives Dell SecureWorks told about the hacker attack, which resulted in compromised 200 computers belonging to the government ministries of Vietnam, Brunei and the Republic of Myanmar. The purpose was espionage attacks. In addition to governmental organizations, victims of attacks have also been some media computer systems, as well as some(…)

Trojan «Gameover»

Researchers believe that attackers have paid the developer for creating a private version of the famous Trojan. According to the company’s senior researcher Don Jackson Dell SecureWorks (Don Jackson), a trojan«Gameover», created from source Zeus, is only a preliminary version of an even more dangerous virus. «Gameover is the latest and the best package of source code(…)

Banker Trojans learn to cheat out of band security

While financial institutions are taking on new equipment protection, hackers have time to adapt to it. In 2007, researchers found a trojan that can monitor and record key press on the computer, focusing thus on bank sites and steal money from accounts. Following his growing success, the famous Trojan Zeus quickly adapted to many systems of(…)

Microsoft Security Essentials (finally) recognized in Google Chrome Trojan

Today in several reports suggesting that anti-virus Microsoft Security Essentials identified in Google Chrome Trojan steals passwords and deleted it. According to preliminary reports received antivirus browser to one of the options for Zeus (Zbot). In particular, the report says antivirus PWS: Win32/Zbot. It is also reported that both the Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection found in the(…)

Creating botnets is getting cheaper and easier

Laboratory Specialists of G Data Security Labs discovered a clandestine sale of our networks of remotely controlled by hackers computers – so-called bots, which in the case of activation may cause massive wave of malicious code across the Internet. The so-called boat-designer Aldi Bot appeared in late August at a price of 10 euros. Part of(…)

Ice IX – first malicious code based on the resulting freely available source code ZeuS

After all the rumors of a merger SpyEye and ZeuS and publish the source code at beginning of the last virus had more opportunities to join the creators of malicious software. The emergence of new software packages, based on ZeuS, was only a matter of time. And they have already appeared. Ice IX Botnet – the first generation of(…)

Modification kit TDL fight among themselves

Between cyber-crooks involved rootkits unfolding struggle for control over infected PCs. One of the groups that bought the source code of TDL , sold on underground forums, X, made ??its own modifications, with the emergence of a related program called a rootkit ZeroAccess. According to analysis conducted by web security by Webroot, in addition to the functions wrap(…)

“Indestructible” rootkit 4.5 million enslaved PCs to 3 months

One of the trickiest in the world of malware has infected more than 4.5 million PC in just 3 months. TDSS rootkit appeared in 2008, having received from security experts reluctant to set high marks for a long list of advanced features level. It almost cannot be detected by antivirus software and, in addition, it(…)

Financial market investments under attack by Zeus

New variants of the notorious malware Zeus used in a series of attacks aimed at financial investors. Company Trusteer, dealing with network security, said in a recent report that samples of the malware were seen in the study of URS Investment Fund, a fake investment website which is trying to trick way to force users(…)