Change WordPress Theme back to Default

Hey! Don’t worry if you had a screw up with the new wordpress theme. Just login to your server’s phpmyadmin: database check the current settings : SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = ‘template’ OR option_name = ‘stylesheet’ OR option_name = ‘current_theme’; Then update those details to set the default to “twentyten” or any workable(…)

Banking Trojans Cridex/Dapato infects through WordPress-site

In late January, security experts from the M86 Security Labs discovered a mass infection of hundreds of sites on the engine, WordPress 3.2.1. Then it was reported that by using a known vulnerability outdated version of WordPress, and has published his exploits, attackers are adopting a victim in a folder Uploads an HTML file with a redirect to(…)

LinkedIn opens its source code search engine IndexTank

Professional social network LinkedIn announced the opening of the source code of software, the company received in October this year with the purchase of IndexTank. Purchased the company is developing search engines. Diego Bach, former CEO of IndexTank, who now works at LinkedIn, says that open source software in their solutions IndexTank an opportunity to more rapid(…)

Large-scale spam campaign uses hacked email accounts and wordpress

Spam campaign, carried out at this time, as noted, is realized with the help of thousands of compromised email accounts Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail, and takes advantage of the compromised websites by WordPress. Email-messages do not contain a subject and text, there is a link to the hacked Web site – scams, obviously counting on(…)

Attack at DigiNotar also affected add-on of Mozilla, Yahoo, Tor and WordPress

Page Mozilla Firefox add-ons to suffer from the same attack, in which were forged certificates for sites Google , says the developer of open browsers. “DigiNotar informed us that they issued fake certificates to addons.mozilla.org in July, but were blocked soon after the discovery,” – said Nightingale, Director of Development for Mozilla. “In the absence of a report(…)