Released Metasploit 4.2: IPv6, VMware and many new modules

Since the October release of Metasploit exploit added 54, 66 auxiliary modules and 43 post-exploit modules and 18 “fillings» (payloads), it turns out that version 4.1 was added to the average of six modules per day. Developers lists several key features . First, the new version comes with 13 new “stuffing”, which supports the discovery team sessions and(…)

Oracle began spreading environment NetBeans 7.1

Oracle announced the release of new version of the IDE NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 7.1. NetBeans IDE 7.1 – is a freely available, open (open source) integrated development environment available for the operating platform Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Mac, Windows and other distributions of Linux. The NetBeans Platform allows developers to quickly build enterprise,(…)

New screenshots of Windows 8

Screenshots of the desktop, windows Windows Explorer, and other panel settings. According to CNews, Chinese technology site PCbeta could get their hands on a new build of Windows 8 – build 8172. Representatives from the site posted screenshots of the network elements of the standard system interface. In the Internet were posted screenshots of the desktop, windows, Windows(…)

Started beta testing a new version of Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft announced the open beta date anti-virus package assembly Security Essentials, received index 4.0.1111.0 and ensure the protection of workstations running 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems from all sorts of threats HR/Vista/7. Presented by the solution is characterized sophisticated anti-malware engine, equipped with automatic removal of malicious software with a high level threats without any user(…)

Windows Phone 7 ported to Android

The operating system of Windows Phone 7 is the third largest mobile player after Apple iOS and Google Android. Arsenal though its functions and wide, but it is hardly exclusive, because they are one form or another are present on two parallel platforms. However, the main advantage of this system is its interface, which really is(…)

Microsoft shareholders are losing faith in Steve Ballmer

The head of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer faced with a reduction in shareholders’ support despite the fact that the firm reported a record profit for the financial year – the majority of investors continue to express concern at the expense of the company’s strategy. Although 92% of shareholders voted for the reelection of Ballmer, it is(…)

Microsoft released a fix for a vulnerability that lets you bypass-Applocker

Microsoft has released a temporary fix for vulnerability in its latest operating system, which allows untrusted users to bypass the safeguards in place to run unauthorized applications. AppLocker allows administrators to restrict the list of applications that can run on computers running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. However, end users can easily overcome the limitations(…)

Microsoft has released the November update

Microsoft released four security bulletins in the new monthly update, including fix for a critical vulnerability in Windows TCP / IP. November Tuesday patches consists of four papers, each of which addresses one vulnerability. One vulnerability was rated as “critical”, while the other two are marked as “important”, while the latter – as having “moderate” security(…)

Microsoft offers a temporary solution to the problem of the critical Windows bug

Microsoft published the solution to the problem of vulnerability in Windows. This vulnerability was used to install an advanced virus , which was aimed at companies that manufacture industrial systems. In the recommendation, which was published in the night from Thursday to Friday , Microsoft said that unknown to this vulnerability in the engine Win32k TrueType impact on all supported(…)

XP is losing ground – Windows 7 builds popularity

From August to September increase in the use of Windows 7 began to accelerate. While previous monthly increase in the proportion of expressed 1% in September, he jumped from 30.6% to 32.42%, or 1.82%. It seems that this was not a single anomaly: the velocity of Windows 7 is really growing. More: XP is losing ground(…)