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Hackers broke into Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, and Java at Pwn2Own

As part of the contest, Pwn2Own participants used a previously unknown vulnerability in Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Windows 8 and Java. Attacks could be made by processing in the browser specially created web-pages, which ended by gain full control over the system. Hackers spent hacking the most recent and stable versions of browsers and operating(…)

Windows 8 will get back “Start” menu

New comprehensive update to Windows 8/RT, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone 8 and cloud called SkyDrive Windows Blue appears in the middle of this year. One of the purposes of this update is to optimize the work and the interest of the users of the operating system from Microsoft. As requested by users of(…)

CES 2013: Transformer Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S with Ivy Bridge and Windows 8

Lenovo has introduced a new version of its unusual transformer IdeaPad Yoga – Yoga IdeaPad 11S. In contrast to last year’s predecessor , the 11-inch IdeaPad Yoga 11 , based on the new processor architecture x86, not ARM – Intel Ivy Bridge. Accordingly, as a software platform used by a full Windows 8 , not(…)

Windows 8: The main disappointment of the year

Experts of technological institutions consider the new version of the Windows operating system failure. Publication CIO Journal decided to conduct a survey of users about the new operating system Windows 8, in order to find out whether they are satisfied with the innovative edition. According to the respondents, Windows 8 has attracted more attention than(…)

Microsoft Windows 8 shows error 0xC004C4AA

When you try to illegally obtain a legitimate version of Microsoft Windows 8 shows error code 0xC004C4AA. Microsoft has removed the opportunity to get a legitimate version of Windows 8 with false activation through KMS (key management system) and update via Windows Media Center. Recall that this method is required to install Windows 8 using(…)

Anyone can get a free version of a legitimate Windows 8

In Windows 8 activation system is vulnerable, which replaces a false activation key for validity. The system authentication Windows 8 discovered a vulnerability that allows for free to get activated version of the operating system. By false activation through KMS (key management system) and update via Windows Media Center, any user can get a “legitimate”(…)

Pirated version of Windows 8

The day after the announcement of RTM-version illegal copies of the product began to appear in the public domain. August 1 this year, Microsoft announced the final version of the Windows operating system 8, which began sending the industry partners. The new Windows OS is due out October 26th this year. As the representatives of Microsoft,(…)

Comparative performance tests of Windows 7 and Windows 8

PCWorld magazine has published the results of performance tests systems on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Looking ahead, almost all Windows 8 proved to be better. Test results coincide with the impression of users who have installed a Windows 8 and participated in the survey PCWorld. Of these, 40% said that the new system seems to be more rapid, 45%(…)

“Start” will disappear in Windows 8

In Windows 8 interfaces can be switched using the Windows key on the keyboard combination Ctrl + Esc, or by pointing the mouse cursor to the lower left corner of the screen. Microsoft removed the “Start” button and the menu interface of the same name Windows 8. This was told blogger Paul Tarrott (Paul Thurrott), citing a source within Microsoft.(…)