Vulnerabilities allow hackers to remotely open the prison cells

The researchers demonstrated the vulnerability of computer systems used to monitor the premises in federal prisons. This vulnerability allows an outsider to remotely capture system, making any subsequent action, beginning with the opening of a door and restart the prison cells, ending a work stoppage (shutdown) of the internal communication systems. Tiffany Red, Teague and John Newman(…)

Ten years for Nimda: the worm’s author has not been caught

Saturday was marked by the 10th anniversary of the infamous worm Nimda . Nimda (if you read on the contrary, it will be admin) was a hybrid worm that spreads via e-mail attachments and through the sites running the vulnerable versions of IIS at Microsoft. Malicious software vulnerabilities used folder traversal, which was patched Microsoft a month after(…)

Oracle downplays risk vulnerabilities

Manufacturer of software for computer security AppSec announced that Oracle produces an inadequate assessment of vulnerabilities. According to researchers Application Security (AppSec), Oracle Corporation may enter into mislead consumers about the seriousness of some of the vulnerabilities discovered in its software. “Oracle likes to downplay the risk of vulnerabilities,” – said Alex Rozeker, Director of(…)