Citadel Trojan hides the real address of the C & C server

The authors implemented a virus detection feature for virtual environments. The internet has a new version of the Trojan Citadel which is able to detect the presence of virtual environments on the infected system. This information is provided by experts at antivirus company S21sec. According to the researchers, the authors optimized the number of viral(…)

Trojan.Winlock.5490 threatens French users

The company “Doctor Web” reported the appearance of a new modification of the program-blocker operating system, which received the name Trojan.Winlock.5490. This malicious application is dangerous mainly for French users Microsoft Windows. Trojan.Winlock.5490, written in C language, runs only on PCs, operating system, which has a French localization. The Trojan has a built-in Anti debugging: the boot(…)

VMware is promoting integration of cloud technologies and new mobile devices such as tablets

VMware is promoting integration of cloud technologies and new mobile devices such as tablets, as a way to provide universal access to post-personally-computer era of corporate information technology, where users can use any application that they want, anywhere and on any device. During his keynote at VMworld 2011 conference in Copenhagen, Chief Technology Officer Stephen(…)

Bitdefender enhances safety of VMware

Bitdefender provides security product that integrates with vShield Endpoint protects virtualized systems like VMware. Bitdefender Security for Virtualised Environments operates as a virtual application is created to monitor other systems when deploying VMware. First introduced in 2010, VMware vShield Endpoint allows you to use a virtual machine monitor and protect against malicious attacks for each(…)

Diebold and VMware unveiled a prototype of virtual ATM

For 20 years, the core of automated teller machines were built in their computers. However, the company Diebold taking advantage of virtualization technologies, unveiled a prototype of the first virtual ATM in the world. Diebold, along with VMware developed a prototype virtual ATM. The main point is to combine self-service technology and virtualization so that the end(…)