Microsoft has decided it will update Internet Explorer automatically

Microsoft has decided to follow the example of Google and Mozilla, and includes automatic updates of Internet Explorer to new versions. Now new versions and security updates are available to users via Windows Update, but the transition from one version to another is always required manual work – for the installation attended a separate window.(…)

Windows 8 may be setup ten times faster than Windows 7

Install or upgrade to Windows 8 will be much faster than it did with Windows 7, Microsoft employee writes Krista Saint-Pierre in the official blog of Building Windows 8. a fresh install of Wndows 8 on a computer with a blank disk should take 21 minutes – to 35% less than the required Windows 7. As the(…)

Oracle closed vulnerability in Java SE platform

Corporation Oracle announced the release of a set of updates for a member of the platform Java Standard Edition (SE) sixth and seventh editions of the software tools. According to published information specialists Oracle provided updates-Java SE 6 Update 29 and Java SE 7 Update 1 – remove two dozen vulnerabilities , five of which have the status of hazardous(…)