Tajikistan will block 131 sites, including VKontakte and Twitter

RIA Novosti reported, since Friday evening communications service under the Government of Tajikistan has given an order to ISPs about blocking 131 websites, among which are popular social networks as VKontakte , Classmates and Twitter. According to RIA Novosti, the majority of the rest sentenced sites contain music and video. Beginning of the action to(…)

Twitter began to court fight against spammers

Twitter has filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco against the five “most aggressive” spammers. Twitter has started to actively combat spammers, as reported on the company’s blog. “We have already stipulated the ways in which we are struggling with spam on Twitter. Our engineers will continue to fight against spammers who try to(…)

Facebook, Apple and Twitter were charged with illegally accessing personal information of users of smartphones

Facebook, Apple, Twitter and 15 other companies sued for distributing mobile applications to steal data from address books  of smartphone users. According to PC World, a group of 13 people filed a lawsuit in district court in Texas, where 18 companies accused of illegally accessing information, address books smartphone users. Among these companies are located(…)

Hackers infiltrated the computer system of the company Foxconn

As a result of hacking, hackers have published an e-mail credentials to employees. February 8, 2012 a group of hackers Swagg Security infiltrated the computer system and stole Foxconn’s credentials by e-mail accounts of some employees. In addition, hackers also managed to get the credentials of employees, which were used in the company’s intranet. All(…)

Twitter: We do not intend to introduce censorship

The head of the social network explained why the service will block some of the messages. According to the head of the microblogging service Twitter Costolo Dick (Dick Costolo), selective blocking of user input is not a precursor to censorship and does not violate the freedoms of citizens. As has been previously reported, the new system of content(…)

Twitter will selectively block content

Twitter has an opportunity to block certain content in certain countries. Twitter will block messages from users in different countries, if they violate the rules adopted there.This was reported on a corporate blog, Twitter. The report states that the service is expanding and is available in countries with different views on the limits of freedom of expression. For(…)

Tibco has created a social network for the world’s richest people

Participants in the social network can are people who are in the list of 200 richest people of the world. As reported by The Daily News, the Internet will be specially created social network for the 200 richest people in the world. This was stated by software maker Tibco at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Tibco founder Vivek Ranadive noted(…)

Engineers from Facebook and Twitter called Google “focus on the user”

According to the publication Business Insider, a team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, offered an alternative to the new search function Search Plus Your World from Google. An alternative design based on organic search results Google, the search engine calls “focus on the user” and avoid hits in the delivery of results and Google +, where(…)

Wikipedia closes on Wednesday in protest against the bill in the U.S.

Administration Web site Wikipedia will close on 24 English-language version of the encyclopaedia on Wednesday in protest against the new law on copyright protection that is under consideration in Congress , “If this bill is passed, it will harm the openness and freedom of the Internet and provide new opportunities for censorship of foreign sites(…)

Members urged social networks to help the child through spam

In Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr was carried out mass mailings, which asserted that for each quoted message will be donated to one dollar for the treatment of the child. According to Sophos, the users Twitter has been carried out spam attack, in which users received a message stating the child in need of treatment for cancer, but(…)