McAfee – Types and number of cyber threats at the end of last year

According to the report, attackers changed the scope and improved types used by malicious software. McAfee has presented a report on the threats «Threats Report: Fourth Quarter 2012“, in which the experts noted a change in behavior in the choice of cyber criminals and malware. According to the report, attackers stopped their focus on the(…)

Doctor Web: Android in the sights of new Trojans

Victims of new malicious programs are devices based on Android OS with root-access. Experts of company “Doctor Web” found a new malicious program for mobile operating system Android. Viruses are becoming victims of mobile users who use OS with elevated privileges. In “Doctor Web,” noted that the new Trojans spread with legitimate applications via popular(…)

How to remove Carrier IQ from Android, Blackberry and iPhone

It is still not 100% cleared up the situation with who and for what purposes the use of Carrier IQ smartphone users, but all holders of platforms iOS, Android, and now the Blackberry can be manually removed from the mobile’s built-in friend a tracking system. Harvesting Carrier IQ with iPhone: According to Apple, the majority of smartphones on(…)

ESET notes the increase in threats aimed at stealing accounts in social networks

ESET released the October statistics on activities of malicious programs in the global network. According to the reported data specialist anti-virus company, last month the Russian Internet audience badly ruffled nerves family malicious HTML / Iframe, used by hackers to redirect users to infected resources. The share of penetration of malicious software was 5.4%. In second place with(…)

Dozens of chemical companies were victims of spyware attacks

Dozens of companies engaged in the defense and the chemical industry, have become a target for espionage operation during which the virus was using stolen confidential information stored on infected computers, the researchers reported Symantec. At least 29 companies involved in research, development and manufacture of chemicals, as well as 19 companies of the defense(…)

Sponsored Results of Bing and Yahoo are too difficult to remove have rootkit

According to security researchers GFI Software, Flash Player search on Yahoo and Bing can lead to hacked pages, spreading stubborn rootkits. The problem lies in the so-called sponsored results, that is in the ads, which first appear in the search for certain keywords. They are slightly different from the usual results, which produces Bing, but similar(…)

St. Petersburg police exposed the rogue who generates “Nigerian” spam

St. Petersburg police brought into the light of Internet fraud, trades sending so-called “Nigerian” letters and fraudulently extorted from the citizens large sums of money. This was reported press service chief of the Interior Ministry of Russia. According to the department information, members of the department to combat crime in the area of ??computer technology GU MVD was(…)

The German government spied on users with Trojan

A well-known group of German hackers, called Chaos Computer Club has published its own statement, which accused the German government in creating and distributing the Net Trojan to spy on users. According to the Chaos Computer Club, a trojan was found on the web and submitted them for analysis. It turned out that this program was(…)