Trojan captures Android.Spy.40.origin Android-smartphones

Domestic company “Doctor Web” reported an outbreak of a new Trojan Android.Spy.40.origin, designed for OS Google Android. So far, he’s seen only in South Korea, but it is unlikely he will be based in this country and beyond. Trojan Android.Spy.40.origin can leak on a smartphone is completely transparent, and even anti-virus system will not sound(…)

Trojan MacControl found in Word documents

The company’s specialists AlienVault found a Trojan that spreads from MS Office files and installed in a system with a critical vulnerability MS09-027 in Microsoft Office. The vulnerability is dated the year 2009, but is still used. According to the AlienVault, sending malicious files involved in the same organization, which had previously been seen in the attacks on Tibetan non-governmental organizations . The(…)

Banking Trojans Cridex/Dapato infects through WordPress-site

In late January, security experts from the M86 Security Labs discovered a mass infection of hundreds of sites on the engine, WordPress 3.2.1. Then it was reported that by using a known vulnerability outdated version of WordPress, and has published his exploits, attackers are adopting a victim in a folder Uploads an HTML file with a redirect to(…)

Infected HTML-spam from botnet Cutwall

Specialists M86 Security Labs discovered who was behind the growth of spam with malicious HTML-attachment, which was celebrated in the early days of 2012. Was convicted botnet Cutwall . Previously, HTML-letter mostly used for phishing, but since January this year began sending periodic attacks of HTML-documents containing malicious script. On the side of the mail client, it looks like. This illustration(…)

Trojan.Winlock.5490 threatens French users

The company “Doctor Web” reported the appearance of a new modification of the program-blocker operating system, which received the name Trojan.Winlock.5490. This malicious application is dangerous mainly for French users Microsoft Windows. Trojan.Winlock.5490, written in C language, runs only on PCs, operating system, which has a French localization. The Trojan has a built-in Anti debugging: the boot(…)

Trojan «Gameover»

Researchers believe that attackers have paid the developer for creating a private version of the famous Trojan. According to the company’s senior researcher Don Jackson Dell SecureWorks (Don Jackson), a trojan«Gameover», created from source Zeus, is only a preliminary version of an even more dangerous virus. «Gameover is the latest and the best package of source code(…)

Trojan Citadel – for buyers frustrated Zeus

In some hacker forums Zeus Trojan buyers have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that the developers stopped supporting the product frost correct holes found in botnets. To help frustrated users are ready to come to the authors of a new variant called Zues Citadel. They position it not just as a Trojan and botnet, and a(…)

Duqu was created by a team of highly professional programmers

Virus Duqu, which was sent to the largest companies in the world, contains a lot of advanced features that can be developed only a group of highly skilled programmers, according to security researchers. These features include verbatim processes that encrypt stolen data and insert them into the image before you send them to servers controlled(…)

Lazy hackers altered the old Trojan for Linux on Mac OS X

According to experts, hackers are testing new malware for the Mac, copied from the Trojan nine years ago and was originally written for Linux. Malware, called “Tsunami”, circulated in a limited number since last week, said researchers from ESET Security, Slovak company that produces anti-virus software. About the Tsunami for the first time we heard(…)

Resources infected Macs used to create Bitcoin

Security researchers discovered the virus penetrated the Macy’s buyout in order to illegally create digital currency Bitcoin. Trojan DevilRobber.A can be found on the portal The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent trackers, where he was introduced to the graphics editor Graphic Converter for Mac OS X, written in his blog, the researchers Sophos. Like the previous(…)