Trojan Duqu

Riddle framework Duqu

A new programming language component is designed for information exchange between the module introduced in the infected PC operating system, and command servers Duqu. According to the expert, “Kaspersky Lab” Igor Sumenkov, the main components of the Trojan Duqu could be written on the previously unknown language. This information is indirectly confirms the widely held(…)

LK: In Duqu and Stuxnet on the platform «Tilded» was created at least one other spyware module

In LC said about the possible existence of at least one more spyware module, based on the platform «Tilded», as well as several other programs of unknown functional. Kaspersky Lab has two months exploring the Trojan Duqu: the history of its occurrence, area of distribution scheme and its operation. As stated by the male, despite the huge volume(…)

Next week Microsoft will release 20 patches for its products

Microsoft Corp. today announced that next week will release a patch set for December of its software, which claimed 14 security bulletins, eliminating 20 different software vulnerabilities Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and Windows Media Player. Among the patches and fixes are for the most notorious problems such as holes, are used by the Trojan Duqu,(…)