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Trend Micro: Using HTML5 can lead to creation of botnets in browsers

New HTML5 features can make programs like Chrome and Firefox, a modern tool for cyber attacks. Senior Researcher, Trend Micro, Robert McArdle (Robert McArdle) talked about how HTML5 markup language will facilitate the creation of browser-based botnets, and other related cyber attacks. Such a statement McArdle made ??during his speech at the Conference B-Side of(…)

Trend Micro: the most dangerous is the Android mobile OS

According to researchers, the most secure operating system is Blackberry. Analysts from the Trend Micro released a report on the study of the security level of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices. According to the company, the most secure OS is currently the Blackberry 7 OS from Research in Motion. However, the most(…)

DirectPass: password manager from Trend Micro

The regiment password managers replenishment. Another similar product has released the company Trend Micro, a well-known developer of various products in the field of computer security. They created a program called DirectPass and has broader functionality than a normal password manager. DirectPass an encrypted storage of textual information. First and foremost, there must be stored usernames and passwords from online(…)

Trend Micro: 12 predictions for security in 2012

Trend Micro has made threats to the security outlook for 2012. Production company antivirus software Trend Micro has published a report “12 predictions for security in 2012.” “Every year at this time we sit down with the research teams and talk about what we think will happen in the next year to the context of threats to our(…)

Trend Micro: Scammers offer iPhone 4S for half price on eBay

Fraudsters trying to get personal information of users and their funds using forged an offer to buy iPhone 4S. Specialists at Trend Micro documented fraudulent scheme in which criminals offer users to buy half-price iPhone 4S using fake ebay pages. On the pages of fake money on the mobile device is indicated in euros, while in the(…)

Businesses need to prepare for the worst in the development of security plans

Organizations need to expect the worst when planning for the protection of networks and corporate information to better prepare for any eventuality. Speaking at a conference Westminster eForum, CTO of Trend Micro dansery Andy said that the variety of threats faced by firms, means that IT professionals need to develop a security strategy in terms(…)

Ghost Click: association to deal with threats

Legislators and public officials use the term “public-private partnership” to combat threats to virtual so often that it has acquired the meaning of “not doing anything.” But a recent operation Ghost Clickshows that such a collective effort is needed to fight cyber criminals and other advanced viruses. On Wednesday, the FBI announced a global investigation conducted by(…)

Trend Micro has detected APT-attack on thousands of computers in former USSR

Researchers at Trend Micro found another large-scale series of targeted attacks, which led to the breaking of almost 1500 computers in 61 countries. The attack, called “Lurid” is different from similar operations, such as Aurora and the Night Dragon, that the victims are mainly in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, as well as in other former(…)

Mobile Security Personal Edition from Trend Micro for Android

The company Trend Micro announced the release of the new solution Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition, designed to protect against Internet threats smartphones and tablet PCs based on the OS Android. It consists of a scanner to detect malicious applications, parental control, search and protection of stolen and lost devices, as well as tools to ensure the(…)

Phishers attack users of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail

Security researchers have discovered a new series of targeted phishing attacks on User Services Microsoft Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. Trend Micro reported on a number of targeted attacks, which, as suggested by the firm, are part of a larger campaign to compromise systems and access to user data. The company reported that the attacks included(…)