Attack on the DNS-infrastructure of the Internet on March 31

Anonymous or just someone under the “anonymous” has published the announcement of “Operation Global blackout” (#opGlobalBlackout). According to the text, March 31, planned the attack on the global distributed 13 root DNS-servers, they are listed below. A B C D E F G H I J K…)

Resources infected Macs used to create Bitcoin

Security researchers discovered the virus penetrated the Macy’s buyout in order to illegally create digital currency Bitcoin. Trojan DevilRobber.A can be found on the portal The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent trackers, where he was introduced to the graphics editor Graphic Converter for Mac OS X, written in his blog, the researchers Sophos. Like the previous(…)

Anonymous hackers, hacked site with child pornography

Members of the team hacktivists Anonymous claimed responsibility for the disabling of the underground site with child pornography and the publication of a list of its members. These accounts 1589 members of the Lolita City have been published as part of Operation Anonymous Operation Darknet, which is the fight against abuse and perversion of pedophiles(…)

Iran blocked Tor – Tor on the same day released an update to get around the lock

On Thursday morning, Iran added a new filtering rule in your router to the border to block traffic network Tor . Thanks to the help of many friends from around the world, the creators of the network quickly identified a way to lock and released a new version of the Tor, with which it can be circumvented. Fortunately, the(…)

Anonymous hosting through I2P

Our little problem today – anonymously host your site on the Internet. There are not many technologies that we in this business can help. But one of the most technological solutions, which provides anonymous hosting virtually eliminating the possibility of determining where in fact the server is File is I2P. I2P vs Tor So, what(…)