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Google is preparing a “killer” iPhone – Ceramic X Phone

It seems, Google bought Motorola Mobility not just for patents. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, in 2013, the Internet giant plans to release a smartphone designed to compete with the iPhone and the top-end models of Samsung Galaxy. Inside Google the project is known as X Phone, but at the time of release(…)

Google will soon provide a home “entertainment system”

Google will soon provide a home “entertainment system”, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the company. The main purpose of the first version of the system will play music, although later models may be able to play videos and “other forms of digital content.” The core system is a device based on Android. It will(…)

Samsung EC suspected of violating antitrust laws

The European Commission initiated an investigation against Samsung on their own initiative without any complaints from competitors in the South Korean manufacturer. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, representatives of the European Commission will investigate the case of patent litigation between Samsung and Apple. At the European Commission there were suspicions about what does not(…)

Parents in the United States to help children up to 13 years to create a Facebook-account

Parents of children younger than 13 years in the U.S. – the minimum legal age for registering for an account on Facebook – not only aware of the presence of their offspring in the profile pages in this social network, but also take part in their creation, according to a study published in the journal First(…)