the vulnerability

Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer already exploited by hackers

While Microsoft is intended to correct some of the flaws in their products with patches that were released on Tuesday, the experts found a zero-day vulnerability in most versions of Internet Explorer. According to the researchers, this gap is exploited by hackers. The company FireEye, dealing with security issues, reported the vulnerability last weekend. The(…)

Chrome hacked twice in the Pwn2Own contest, and Pwnium

By offering a million dollar reward for found vulnerabilities in the browser, Chrome, Google has got what she wanted. Within five minutes after the Pwn2Own hacking competition French team Vupen Securitywas able to carry out the exploit two vulnerabilities Chrome and fully hack the browser . Thus, the team made a serious bid to win throughout the contest. This case also demonstrates that(…)

Facebook promises to punish porn senders

Facebook had caught a torrent portal in the implementation of XSS-vulnerabilities, which forces a user to perform malicious javascript and thus share content offensive to others. Many of the victims stated that this content has been seen by another, but not the user who sent it. According to an article on portals and ZDNet, Facebook(…)

Vulnerability in Google Chrome does not affect safety, according to Google

Google Chrome contains a critical vulnerability, which, under certain conditions, allow attackers to introduce malicious software on computers equipped with Windows. In view of being in Slovenia Acros Security, Google does not classify the error as “vulnerability”, but as a “strange behavior, the question of change in which [they] have to consider.” Vulnerability, according to(…)

Vulnerability in Apache endangers firewalls, routers

Specialists serving server Apache, warn that their HTTP daemon is vulnerable to exploits that give an attacker a chance to send a special team to address the internal servers. Vulnerability in version 1.3 and all the second version can be used only under certain conditions. For example, the server must be running in reverse proxy mode,(…)