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HTC phones based on Android banned in the U.S. from next year

Apple has just won a major victory in the trial of HTC, which can make HTC stop selling its devices based on Android in the U.S.. U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that HTC violates their patent Apple devices based on Android c 1.6 to 2.2. Among the devices, sales of which may be banned in the(…)

Three of the criminals in New York charged with skimming

In New York three people were charged by the fact that they used skimming devices to POS terminals in Manhattan, to steal card numbers and carry out fraudulent transactions. Nikolai Ivanov (31), Dimitar Stamati (28) and Jordan Ivanov (24) last week received the act containing the charge in 81 cases of fraud. Charges that include identity(…)

Porn giant sues for domain XXX

According to the Wall Street Journal, which obtained information about the lawsuit, filed in the District Court of California, the company Manwin opposed the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN), as well as the ICM Registry, the company engaged in registering domain names. The bottom line is that the above companies Manwin accused of(…)

Facebook promises to punish porn senders

Facebook had caught a torrent portal in the implementation of XSS-vulnerabilities, which forces a user to perform malicious javascript and thus share content offensive to others. Many of the victims stated that this content has been seen by another, but not the user who sent it. According to an article on portals and ZDNet, Facebook(…)

Engineer jailed for alteration of the device to enter a PIN-code in the skimmer

Thomas Bikmaev, 26-year-old German electronics engineer was sentenced to three years in a British prison for what he has modified a number of devices for input PIN-code, so that they began to write down information that was later used for the cloning of credit and debit cards ; engineer did so at the direction of(…)

Hacker accused of hacking into the mailbox of celebrities

According to federal prosecutors, a native of Florida, hacked electronic boxes such actresses as Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, and yet primerno50 other celebrities, and stole candid photos, film and other personal information. In his indictment on Wednesday federal prosecutors have indicated that 35-year-old Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville (Fla.) has received personally identifiable information about their(…)

13 cybercriminals using Zeus Trojan convicted in Britain

British gang of cybercriminals of 13, which was part of an international scheme, engaged in online bank robbery, caught after the theft of £ 3 million accounts with companies and individuals. London police acted in a press statement, which said that the last of the thirteen accused persons convicted and jailed for two years. Karina(…)

Carder, who stole $ 800 000, was found guilty

Brooklyn resident was found guilty of theft with aggravating circumstances, for his role in the operation to deceive the credit card companies almost $ 800 000. Twenty-six Jonathan Oliveras also convicted in the management of the scheme buying a stolen credit card information in Russia and their subsequent sale or the product of illegal purchases.(…)