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Microsoft wants users to pay for refusing to show ads

The Corporation has filed a patent application, “Pricing in the content management.” Representatives of Microsoft’s plan to patent the technology that will allow content owners to charge a fee to people who refuse to see or want to see the advertising content multiple times. The patent , which Microsoft has filed an application called “Pricing(…)

ISPs in U.S. will deal with violators of copyright on the Internet

U.S. Internet service providers are ready to start the program, under which they will deal with copyright violations on the Internet. Big U.S. ISPs will monitor violators of copyright on the internet reports CNet. It should be noted that on July 12 a number of major U.S. providers, including Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon and Time Warner(…)

Banner with a message for the author of SOPA

In the area of residence of the author of the bill SOPA will be located inline with the text “Do not mess with the Internet.” Co-founder of the popular resource Alexis Ohanian Reddit (Alexis Ohanian) introduced the idea of placing a banner with the text “Do not mess with the Internet” in the residence of(…)

Sophos: Anonymous OS can contain viruses

Experts say you should not trust the operating system, allegedly created by hackers Anonymous. As we reported yesterday, is now available for download operating system Anonymous dekstop OS, which the authors argue that it was designed for educational purposes, as well as to automate the breaking of remote resources. The operating system is a modified(…)

Facebook, Apple and Twitter were charged with illegally accessing personal information of users of smartphones

Facebook, Apple, Twitter and 15 other companies sued for distributing mobile applications to steal data from address books  of smartphone users. According to PC World, a group of 13 people filed a lawsuit in district court in Texas, where 18 companies accused of illegally accessing information, address books smartphone users. Among these companies are located(…)

New protection for IE10

Development Team 10 Internet Explorer continues to acquaint the public with the new browser. This time they talked about improvements in the security system , including the SmartScreen Filter , XSS Filter and HTML5-sandbox . The main improvement in IE10 – Mode Enhanced Protected Mode, which is to reliably isolate potentially malicious code from the surrounding system environment. Some elements of the sandbox familiar(…)

A malicious program with a valid certificate

Kaspersky Lab specialists have found a couple Dropper with a valid digital certificates. This is a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the program, which assigned the name Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Mediyes and Trojan-Dropper.Win64.Mediyes, respectively. During the period from December 2011 to March 7, 2012, the program recorded about 5,000 times systems Kaspersky Security Network. It is reported that most often it is(…)

A drop of water turns a smartphone into a microscope

Camera smartphones are becoming better and better, gradually displacing the market with ordinary digital cameras. The weakness they have traditionally been considered an optical system – namely, the lens is too small. The fact that the aperture of the lens depends on its physical size, ie diameter. For obvious reasons, smart phones is almost impossible to insert the(…)

The world’s fastest 3D-printer prints 5 meters per second

Scientists at the Technical University of Vienna invented a new type of 3D-printers and a new method, which they called two-photon lithography (two-photon lithography). For measurements of scientists constructed their 3D-printer is several orders of magnitude faster than any existing device for three-dimensional printing. In particular, the speed of printing up to several meters per second, which is truly(…)