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PHP-GTK applications served over the Web

Run PHP-GTK applications, and serve them over the Internet, really, really interesting new alternative for running PHP-applications. GTK + user interface elements that are very rich and powerful. There is a free visual tools for creating GTK + user interface that can be used to quickly create a PHP-GTK applications that have rich user interfaces. In addition,(…)

Using PHP-GTK to serve Web Applications to HTML 5 Browsers

GTK + is a library of components for creating user interfaces are typically designedto run on desktop computing environments. His main goal was initially to help create a user interface for the GIMP, a popularOpen Source image editing program very similar to Adobe Photoshop. Over time,GTK + has become more popular, being accepted as a library facto user interfacefor applications that run on Linux distributions based on the environment GNOME. GTK runs on top of Glib library system facility. He creates objects that are basicallyprovide a way to make the(…)

What is PHP-GTK?

PHP-GTK is an extension of PHP to set up in 2001 he Zmievski, allowing you to usePHP to run applications with a user interface display GTK +. Over time, PHP-GTK has many contributors who helped make it work with GTK + 2and get it to work with PHP 5 under Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and so on. GTK + version 3 was released officially in the year 2011. Despite work began earlier, version 3.2, which was released(…)