The supercomputer “Tianhe-2” Takes No. 1 Ranking on 41st TOP500 List

The new Chinese supercomputer “Tianhe-2” (“Milky Way-2”) headed by a fresh rating of the top 500 most powerful computer systems in the world. The performance of this amounts to 33.86 petaflops supercomputer, which is almost twice the maximum performance of the former leader of the October list of Top 500 supercomputer Titan, which has now slipped to(…)

The most powerful supercomputer in the world overcome the barrier at 10 petaflops

K computer, located at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) in the Japanese city of Kobe, the first of supercomputing performance showed more than 10 petaflops.Tests were conducted on October 7-8, according to the website of the company Fujitsu, developer of K computer. Test Linpack, which is traditionally used to evaluate the performance of supercomputers,(…)

IBM has been working with the students over to accommodate Watson supercomputer for business

IBM is working with the students of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in finding ways to use the supercomputer Watson to business needs. Representatives of the “Blue Giant” met with students of the university on Monday to discuss the types of business problems that may supercomputer to take on. PC Watson, named after the founder of(…)

Supercomputer with 30472 nuclei for rent for $1279 per hour

It seems that supercomputers are available to everyone – if not to buy, at least for rent.The question price – only $ 1279 per hour. The company launched its Cycle Computing cluster on the basis of 3809 eight-processor, all of which gives a system with 30 472 nuclei. In addition, reports about 27 terabytes of RAM(…)