There was a suspect in the disclosure of information about the authors of Stuxnet

U.S. intelligence agencies continue to look for the culprit in the declassification of classified cyber operations to introduce the Stuxnet worm in Iran’s computer systems. Details about the operation “Olympic Games” were published in NY Times June 1, 2012 . The article describes how the meeting took place with President Obama, which report in detail on the implementation(…)

US-CERT: Two U.S. energy companies are infected with malware

Computer systems were infected by the use of USB-drives. US-CERT Team responded quickly to the threats, reported that two U.S. energy companies have been victims of a computer virus in the last quarter of 2012. In both cases, industrial systems have been infected by the use of USB-drives. One of the plants, which suffered as a(…)

Iran suffered another attack by Stuxnet

As informed by AFP referring to a semi-official news agency in Iran another cyber attack using worm Stuxnet was found. According to the journalist, the victim of the hackers is an industry in the south of the state. Today, Iran’s student news agency (Iranian Students’ News Agency, ISNA) reports the words of one of the(…)

NSA carries out secret pentest on SCADA systems

In the press there is information about a secret project Perfect Citizen, held by U.S. National Security Agency. It turns out, the NSA for months covertly pentested computer systems SCADA, which are used to control critical infrastructure, including power networks, gas pipelines, water supply, etc. Pentest NSA – To check how much damage can be(…)

Issue of protecting SCADA-systems in 2013 will be more relevant

According to experts, in the coming year hackers will actively search for vulnerabilities in SCADA-systems and produce solutions for automatic operation. As reported by Computerworld CEO Dale Peterson, in the upcoming year protection of SCADA-systems from threats will only increase its relevance in the field of information security. According to the researcher, the first example(…)

Hackers use techniques for Stuxnet to attack on ordinary people

Cyberhawks copy “design philosophy” from malicious software, the development of which is sponsored by the state. Malware virus Stuxnet, which was previously used by various governments for espionage and sabotage, is now applied online scams designed to steal payment data users. It is reported Technologyreview. Judge of “Kaspersky Lab” Roel Shuvenberg (Roel Schouwenberg) stated that(…)

ISSSource: To Stuxnet worm epidemic intelligence agencies involved in the U.S. and Israel

Stuxnet delivered a double agent working for Israel, using a specially modified flash drive. According to the report publication ISSSource, devoted to issues of security and defense businesses, U.S. and Israeli intelligence services were involved in the epidemic worm Stuxnet, has caused great damage to Iran’s nuclear program. Thus, according to ISSSource, a malicious program(…)

LK: In Duqu and Stuxnet on the platform «Tilded» was created at least one other spyware module

In LC said about the possible existence of at least one more spyware module, based on the platform «Tilded», as well as several other programs of unknown functional. Kaspersky Lab has two months exploring the Trojan Duqu: the history of its occurrence, area of distribution scheme and its operation. As stated by the male, despite the huge volume(…)

Vulnerabilities in SCADA and PLC in prison

Stuxnet has been the subject of professional and academic interests of the moment when its existence was discovered Sergei Ulasen of VirusBlokAda (June 17, 2010) I . Since then, researchers in the field of computer security code Stuxnet analyzed in attempts to decipher its original form and hidden in a function. Although Stuxnet and was not the first malicious(…)

Duqu attacked its prey each unique file with a unique server

According to a report published on Friday, the creators of Duqu, which entered into the system of industrial companies in at least eight countries used for each attack exploits the unique, target servers, and document-trapped Microsoft Word. In addition, two drivers who used the rootkit module for one of the attacks, the date of compilation(…)