According to buyer fixes, IBM, HP and Microsoft top the list of laggards

IBM, HP and Microsoft topped the list of companies that are not released within 6 months after notification of patches from the world’s largest program to hunt for bugs. During 2011 TippingPoint, unit HP, for a total of 29 issued a report on “zero-day” vulnerabilities that are 6 months or more are not obscured by(…)

Gartner: major trends of information security and secure shopping for 2012

Data Security Standard Payment Card Industry (PCI) – burning issue, but a recent study by Gartner found that 18% of respondents admitted that they are not PCI-compliant, although the study was implied that they had to comply with these standards. Gartner conducted several studies in the period from June to September this year at the(…)

Young users are going to extreme measures for access to Internet

According to study of the worldwide Cisco, 7 out of 10 young workers often ignore the politics of IT, and one of four becomes a victim of identity theft and 30 years. The study found a striking relationship to the IT policy and the growing threats to security that represents a new generation of workers(…)

10 most important Open Source projects in 2011

That came to an end for another year. It’s time to step back and evaluate everything that has happened during this period. It turns out that in 2011 became a model in terms of support for open source projects. So select 10 projects have been quite difficult. But what is meant by the word “important”? Obviously, this is not(…)

A new generation of targeted attacks

With the arrival of young professionals in the company’s experts predict changes in the Cisco security and data protection. In its annual report on the safety of the company have identified trends that suggest that college students who plan to work in large companies do not take security as seriously as their predecessors. The researchers(…)

Google Wallet stores certain information on payment cards in unencrypted format

“Significant” amount of unencrypted data sets with Android phones in a risky position, the researchers say. The most awaited mobile payment application from Google for the calculations in the local shops keep certain sensitive information about users in plain text, such as user names, dates of transactions, e-mail addresses, as well as balance in the(…)

Try to crack: Chrome the most secure browser, IE second, Firefox on third place

Google Chrome better than other popular browsers to protect against online threats. It is clear from the study, during which the score abilities Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox mitigate exploits of, recognize malicious links, etc. The basis for the 102-page report, prepared by researchers at the company Accuvant, was the assumption that no complex software(…)

American companies have a leading position in the security

Companies in the United States have been declared the most proactive in protecting their systems against security threats. A report made by the insurance company Lloyd’s of London (London Lloyd), showed that U.S. companies attach more importance to security of data and occupy a leading position in the prevention of malicious attacks. The researchers noted(…)

Engineer and criminologist work together to fight hackers

Engineer and criminologist work together in a research project, whose goal is to obtain a better understanding of how cyber-criminals operate and how best to disrupt their criminal activities. Michelle Kukier, professor of reliability, and David Maimon, an assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, both from the University of Maryland, hoping that their joint(…)

Zscaler: social networks – one of the major threats

Attacks with social networking sites, blended attacks on web browsers and mobile malware – the main cause of concern in the area of ??security, said in Zscaler ThreatLabZ. Security firm said in a recent quarterly report that its own monitoring platforms have revealed many end users who continue to use outdated and insecure versions of(…)