Sites Skype, BBC, Coca-Cola, Intel and other companies in Israel have been hacked

Palestinian activists have used SQL-injection on sites of Israeli registrar and implemented defacement on sites of many companies. Following the resumption of hostilities between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian hackers realized defacement huge amount of resources in the Israeli domain co.il. Among the affected web-sites mentioned portals Bing, Skype, Live, Phillips, BBC, Coca-Cola, Intel,(…)

Imperva analyzed the attack on 40 different applications for the III quarter of 2011

Researchers from the company Imperva analyzed the attack to have been 40 different applications, allowing them to calculate the frequency, type, location and origin of the attack. The company Imperva has published a report on attacks on web-application. Researchers analyzed the attack to have been 40 different applications, allowing them to calculate the frequency, type(…)

Cisco introduced a report on cyber threats for the fourth quarter of 2011

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the number of threats aimed at corporate users, has increased by 205% compared with 2010. Representatives from Cisco presented a report on threats to cyberspace for the fourth quarter of 2011. The report, prepared by a team of Cisco Intrusion Prevention System, contains information on cyber threats in the period from(…)

TeaMp0isoN publish personal data of American personnel at T-Mobile

Using SQL-injection, hackers managed to hack a web-site of the American company T-Mobile. According to v3, hackers  TeaMp0isoN broke into the site of U.S. company T-Mobile, which works in the field of mobile communications.As a result of hacking hackers got hold of personal information staff. Presumably hacking took place due to the fact that the company(…)

TeaMp0isoN released a list of vulnerable police sites

The hacker group released a list of TeaMp0isoN vulnerable sites of law enforcement bodies, which can be hacked using SQL-injection in MSAcess. A member of the group, code-named “_f0rsaken” left a note on the pastebin with the following message to the police and the people: I do not like police. You slay the innocent and peaceful protesters(…)

Anonymous hackers, hacked site with child pornography

Members of the team hacktivists Anonymous claimed responsibility for the disabling of the underground site with child pornography and the publication of a list of its members. These accounts 1589 members of the Lolita City have been published as part of Operation Anonymous Operation Darknet, which is the fight against abuse and perversion of pedophiles(…)

DDoS-attacks and SQL-injection – the main topic on hacker forums

Distributed Denial of Service and the introduction of SQL-code – the main types of attacks are discussed in hacker forums, according to new research conducted by Imperva, providing services for information security. Illegal discussion forums are an important part in the ecosystem of criminals. They are the place where hackers can sell and exchange information, software(…)

Three more charged with participation in Anonymous hacker campaigns

Federal prosecutors brought charges against three people in connection with the attacks on sites in the expanded campaign related to the hacker group Anonymous. Cody Kretsinger of Phoenix has been accused of involvement in hacking into the site Sony Pictures, which resulted in the leak of names, email addresses and passwords of thousands of users. He(…)

Why hackers do not need to be smart

Cyber ??criminals use the same technology and tactics for years, but companies are still not able to defend against them. Online, in print, on TV and radio, reporting for the report tells us that this new malicious attack was “yet more sophisticated than anything we’ve seen before.” Media seems to want the world to believe in(…)

FOX Sports hacked by Shad0w

One of the largest websites in the world, FOX Sports, Room 678 in the world rankings with millions of attendance has been compromised. A hacker named “Shad0w” SQL-injection found on one of the domains Fox Sports and has access to the database. Stolen data to a hacker has published pastebin .Vulnerable link listed there. The hacker also posted an administrator(…)