India – the world leader in terms of outbound spam

Sophos researchers have published a spam report for the first quarter of this year. According to the researchers report spam Sophos, in the first quarter of this year, India “has become the king of spammers taking away the crown from the United States.” Experts stress that this country currently sends every tenth unwanted email. Results(…)

Infected HTML-spam from botnet Cutwall

Specialists M86 Security Labs discovered who was behind the growth of spam with malicious HTML-attachment, which was celebrated in the early days of 2012. Was convicted botnet Cutwall . Previously, HTML-letter mostly used for phishing, but since January this year began sending periodic attacks of HTML-documents containing malicious script. On the side of the mail client, it looks like. This illustration(…)

False e-mails from the FBI

Emails sent by the department alleged FBI counter-terrorism, flooded recipients’ mailboxes. According to Cyberwarzone, in the letters contained threats of imprisonment if the recipient does not answer the letter. “We warned you many times, but you chose to ignore our emails, and maybe you thought that we do not have a warrant for your arrest. Well,(…)

Russia remains among the top four spammer countries

Russia continues to hold the beginning of the year fourth in the ranking of countries spammer with an exponent 6.7% of the total number of active zombie computers involved hackers for sending mass unsolicited mail. This is evidenced by an analytical report on Internet threats for the third quarter of 2011, prepared by the companies Entensys andCommtouch . Leaders(…)

Spammers on Facebook fraudulently force users to share anti-CSRF token

Facebook spammers have already used a large number of different techniques to trick users without their knowledge to help them, and most of them are related to social engineering. Quite an interesting method has been seen recently by researchers at Symantec, and they said, in the near future it will be frequently used. In short,(…)

Cloud service promises a 99% free from spam box

Phishing attack, which was the cause of network penetration RSA last March, showed that the mail remains the weakest link in the chain of corporate security. Even though the filtering system blocks most malicious and simply annoying messages, their own volume demonstrates the potential to be used by the attackers. Now one of the companies engaged in e-mail filtering,(…)

Spammers create their own projects to reduce URL, to avoid detection

Spammers have created their own service to reduce the URL, to insert short links in unsolicited messages in an attempt to circumvent traditional security systems, according to Symantec Intelligence Report , released this month. The October report showed that the global ratio of spam in email traffic decreased by 0.6% and now stands at 74.2%. However, the use(…)

A2B and Spamhaus continue to struggle

The quarrel between A2B and Spamhaus has arisen after the Dutch provider of telecommunication services provided allegedly CB3ROB (also known as Cyberbunker), which Spamhaus had long believed crime and included in its black list of SBL, which is used by providers to delete spam. Cyberbuker provides anonymous hosting services to all, “except child porn and anything(…)

Dutch Internet service provider called the police after Spamhaus blacklisted it

Dutch Internet provider A2B filed a complaint with the police, saying headquartered in London, anti-spam organization Spamhaus to blackmail him. Executive Director of A2B Eric Bice said the organization Spamhaus “too far gone.” Spamhaus Project – an international organization founded by Steve Linford in 1998 that monitors the distributors of spam e-mails and other related(…)

Large-scale spam campaign uses hacked email accounts and wordpress

Spam campaign, carried out at this time, as noted, is realized with the help of thousands of compromised email accounts Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail, and takes advantage of the compromised websites by WordPress. Email-messages do not contain a subject and text, there is a link to the hacked Web site – scams, obviously counting on(…)