Sony Pictures

Hollywood film company employees convicted of piracy

Staff of Hollywood studios found using torrents at work to download pirated copies of movies, games, and other materials. This was December 25 edition reported by TorrentFreak. The analysis was performed using the service ScanEye, showing downloading any materials produced from a particular IP-address. TorrentFreak discovered that addresses the involvement of  major filmmakers in exchange(…)

Three more charged with participation in Anonymous hacker campaigns

Federal prosecutors brought charges against three people in connection with the attacks on sites in the expanded campaign related to the hacker group Anonymous. Cody Kretsinger of Phoenix has been accused of involvement in hacking into the site Sony Pictures, which resulted in the leak of names, email addresses and passwords of thousands of users. He(…)

New hack by LulzSec: stole user information of Sony Pictures

Hackers, who have recently PBS website hackedNow claim that they have withdrawn all user information to Sony Pictures. The hacker group LulzSec reported that she was able to hack the database and Sony Pictures to remove these accounts more than a million users. Group made a statement that penetration was accomplished by SQL-injection, and that(…)