New update of the operating system Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle has released an update for its Linux-distribution. According to a press release on the official web-site Oracle, a new version of Linux-distribution company Oracle Unbreakable Linux. The new version of the kernel was based on Linux 3.0.16 and can be installed on Oracle Linux 5 or 6. Among other things, the developers have implemented(…)

A vulnerability in sudo gives root access to the system

The vulnerability exists in the functional debugger, which does not handle the name of the executable application. The program sudo, intended to delegate privileges to users with monitoring their work, discovered a critical vulnerability allows execution of arbitrary code on the system. The sudo command is used by many distributions, Linux, to Mac OS X, as well(…)

Oracle plans to fix 56 bugs in October

Oracle has published an advance notice of the upcoming release of updates. The company said the patch, which is scheduled for release on October 18, must fix about 56 bugs in the platforms of Database, Application Server, Fusion Middleware, etc. The release will also include a number of fixes for the products of Sun. Among the(…)

Adobe has released an emergency patch for a critical bug in Flash

The company Adobe Systems has released an emergency update to its Flash Player. It eliminates a critical vulnerability that attackers are actively exploiting to break into computers of end users. XSS, or cross-site scripting, “operated in practice in active targeted attacks designed to trick users into clicking on malicious link in the email message”, said on(…)