social engineering

Army of social bots collected 250 GB of information about users Facebook

A small set of scripts that have been programmed to impersonate individual users, just eight weeks was able to get 250 GB of personal data belonging to the network users to Facebook, said in a report to be presented next month. 102 “social boat” was charged with fictitious name and photograph user of Facebook and(…)

Large companies failed test for susceptibility to social engineering

Published report describes the results of “capture the flag” competition, conducted among 14 companies engaged in retail trade, air transportation, food, technology and mobile services. It turns out that employees engaged in retail trade, harder to catch the bait of social engineering than the employees of call centers or customer support site. This is just(…)

Spammers on Facebook fraudulently force users to share anti-CSRF token

Facebook spammers have already used a large number of different techniques to trick users without their knowledge to help them, and most of them are related to social engineering. Quite an interesting method has been seen recently by researchers at Symantec, and they said, in the near future it will be frequently used. In short,(…)

Vulnerability in Google Chrome does not affect safety, according to Google

Google Chrome contains a critical vulnerability, which, under certain conditions, allow attackers to introduce malicious software on computers equipped with Windows. In view of being in Slovenia Acros Security, Google does not classify the error as “vulnerability”, but as a “strange behavior, the question of change in which [they] have to consider.” Vulnerability, according to(…)

Facebook Pwn collects information about user profiles

Tools, tricks users Facebook, uses a request to add them to friends in order to obtain personal data that can later be used for online fraud. The Group of Experts on Information Security, based in Egypt, has created a tool that facilitates social engineering.┬áIt automates the collection of sensitive data in user profiles, Facebook, which(…)