Wireshark goes with GTK + to Qt

October 15 released a new version of the popular packet sniffer and traffic analyzer Wireshark 1.11.0 (version for developers). It was the first in which the user interface is translated from the usual library GTK + for Qt . Both of these tools allow you to write cross-platform code without having to rewrite a lot(…)

Intercepter-NG 0.9

The new version greatly redesigned interface that automates network for attacks and a lot of changes to the code. Innovations: 1 . NAT is integrated into Intercepter. 2 . The function ‘Smart Scan’, automatically determines: a. the current lock on the network; B. MiTM Stealth IP for attacks; C. host operating system found (by the value of TTL). After scanning, the value(…)

Black Hat: cyber-attacks from the air

At the Black Hat conference, two security experts demonstrated how radio-controlled model aircraft, equipped with computer technology and 4G, was used as a hacking device which is virtually impossible to detect and which can carry out air attacks against targets which are inaccessible from the ground. Created entirely from available in hardware stores and open(…)