Microsoft has acknowledged a bug in Skype after more than three months

At Microsoft, acknowledged that after more than three months after the discovery of a dangerous bug in Skype, the corporation is still working on fixing it. The said vulnerability allows to detect the user’s location and other information about him. The corporation said that can not yet announce the exact date of issue is resolved. “We’re working to(…)

Skype: I know where you are

Scientists have developed a discreet and inexpensive way to track the IP-addresses of tens of thousands of Skype users, and linking this information with their online activities such as sharing files via BitTorrent. The method, which is presented in a recently published scientific article works even when users set up their accounts on Skype to(…)

Sponsored Results of Bing and Yahoo are too difficult to remove have rootkit

According to security researchers GFI Software, Flash Player search on Yahoo and Bing can lead to hacked pages, spreading stubborn rootkits. The problem lies in the so-called sponsored results, that is in the ads, which first appear in the search for certain keywords. They are slightly different from the usual results, which produces Bing, but similar(…)

Social networks – benefits and threats

Today, social activity in the Internet environment has become a trend. Almost everyone, from schoolchildren to members, have an account with Twitter, Facebook or a national network of like the “OpenID”. In phones become more closely integrated into all sorts of chat rooms and services such as Skype, Sony Ericsson in devices like a new(…)

Cross-site scripting in Skype for iPhone

A bug in the latest version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch makes it vulnerable to the address book of users that can be stolen simply by viewing a specially harvested messages, says a security researcher AppSec Consulting Pyurvians Phil. “Skype uses the locally saved HTML-file to display messages from other users Skype, but(…)

Con artists promote fake antivirus software through calls to Skype

Distributors of fake antivirus programs turned to Skype, and use automated messages to force users to buy useless software for  “security.” Fraud occurs through calls to Skype, in which an automated message warns potential victims that their computer security “obsolete.” Victims are invited to visit a website that sells fake anti-virus software for $ 19.95. One(…)

DigiNotar filed for bankruptcy

Company DigiNotar, SSL-issued safety certificates to many famous sites, declared bankrupt after a major hacker attack, which resulted in “under attack” hit at least 300,000 computers in Iran, said Tuesday’s press service of the parent company DigiNotar VASCO. As previously predicted by experts, the incident with DigiNotar, because of which the hackers could steal more(…)

Anonymous claims to have access to DNS-servers of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and others

Anonymous division in Sri Lanka said on breaking DNS-server companies Symantec, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and several other organizations over the past few days. Group members say that if they wish, they can hold so-called cache poisoning attack on the DNS-server. DNS-cache snooping is a process that allows you to get a full or almost full information about(…)

Skype launches App Store App Directory

Skype has launched an online store, App Directory , to offer an easy way to search for third party applications that integrate with the VoIP-service system, and video calling the company. App Directory currently contains a total of 23 applications for Windows and Mac, their value varies from 0 to $ 350. These applications provide features such as(…)

Skype Vulnerable

Site Noptrix presented current vulnerability in Skype. Affected software: Skype <= Affected platforms: Windows (XP, Vista, 7) Skype is vulnerable to the introduction of the code due to lack of input validation and processing output data in the profile of the following fields: home office mobile The following HTML-code can be used to run the vulnerability:(…)