AMD Opteron 3200 chips for web hosting

AMD has introduced a new platform designed to create a server for web hosting, and uses the same pad. The task of the platform – to provide enhanced scalability, and improved energy efficiency in the desktop environment, and server-level reliability and security. The company says its chips AMD Opteron 3200 series can offer a 60% greater(…)

Iran has transferred more than 90% of government websites on national servers

Iran transferred vast majority of its government sites located abroad, to national servers. Thus, the majority of Internet resources in Tehran became independent of foreign control. This was reported by Reuters today, citing a statement the deputy minister of communication and telecommunication technologies IRI Ali Hakim Javadi. “The location of more than 90% of the Iranian government(…)

Made in China: A new supercomputer Celestial uses its own chips

China stepped up its efforts in the field of semiconductor processors. The last country supercomputer based on chips produced domestically. Very interesting to see whether and how soon China to catch up with the American manufacturers of chips for supercomputers, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. Edition of The New York Times reports that the Sunway BlueLight MPP supercomputer(…)

Coreflood busted by FBI and Justice Department

FBI and Justice Department have just completed their largest operation in the field of computer crimes with the seizure of servers and domain names owned by botnets Coreflood. At this time, law enforcement bodies have been found and removed five controlling servers, as well as 29 domain names used by the system management and control(…)