Experts recommend to pay compensation for discovering vulnerabilities in SCADA-systems

According to Executive Director of Digital Bond, modern SCADA-solutions are using outdated and too low quality code. Security researchers from the United States suggested SCADA-systems developers to rethink their approach to security of critical infrastructure. According to them, bugfix release, even timely, is only part of the solution. It is reported by Dark Reading. The(…)

NSA carries out secret pentest on SCADA systems

In the press there is information about a secret project Perfect Citizen, held by U.S. National Security Agency. It turns out, the NSA for months covertly pentested computer systems SCADA, which are used to control critical infrastructure, including power networks, gas pipelines, water supply, etc. Pentest NSA – To check how much damage can be(…)

Issue of protecting SCADA-systems in 2013 will be more relevant

According to experts, in the coming year hackers will actively search for vulnerabilities in SCADA-systems and produce solutions for automatic operation. As reported by Computerworld CEO Dale Peterson, in the upcoming year protection of SCADA-systems from threats will only increase its relevance in the field of information security. According to the researcher, the first example(…)

SCADA-systems of different manufacturers have a zero-day vulnerability

The security company does not intend to disclose vulnerability information providers SCADA-systems, but instead the company will sell it to potential customers. Company ReVuln discovered exploits zero-day vulnerabilities to SCADA-systems developed by Siemens, General Electric, Schneider Electric, ABB / Rockwell, etc. All unpatched vulnerabilities are in the server-side software and can be used remotely by(…)

DSecRG: Multiple vulnerabilities exist in the controllers and SCADA-systems

The study took place in DSecRG project BaseCamp, devoted to the study of vulnerabilities in industrial controllers. Research Center for Digital Security Research Group (DSecRG) published a report of multiple vulnerabilities in the controllers and SCADA-systems. The study took place within the framework of BaseCamp, devoted to the study of vulnerabilities in industrial controllers. Experts(…)