SCADA system

Honeypot with fake passwords to hackers

It took just 18 hours after the expert in information security Kyle Wilhoit (Kyle Wilhoit) connected to the Internet with two fake and one real SCADA-system – and they have already started to attack someone. The widespread popularity among script kiddies search engines such as Shodan, as well as basic tools for hacking turns every industrial(…)

The myth of the cyberwar

When it comes to these bombs is more powerful than they are – so destructive. In the computer field all the way around. The more complex the virus and the deeper it can penetrate into the system – the less likely that the attack would affect anyone else, except for this specific purpose. That is why “kiberoruzhie”(…)

FBI: No evidence that he was hacking the water supply system

Federal officials said they have no evidence which would confirm the information that hackers have destroyed pump of Illinois Water Utility, to gain unauthorized access to a computer, which the company uses to manage the equipment. In an email, sent Tuesday, members of the Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group, officials from the ICS-CERT, a branch US(…)