Qualcomm announced a new network technology StreamBoost

Qualcomm Atheros announced a new technology StreamBoost, with which the company plans to help build a new generation of WiFi-routers and gateways, with improved performance and support for the transfer of movies and online games streamed at home networks. StreamBoost based on wireless LAN standard 802.11ac, is specially designed in order to work in a(…)

Qualcomm announced a new line of chips for WiFi at speeds up to 1.3 GB/sec

Qualcomm mobile electronics manufacturer has announced a new line of chips, whose work will allow future portable electronic devices to achieve data rates in wireless mode, up to 1.3 GB / sec. As described in Qualcomm, the company plans to release a line of solutions for mobile and desktop computers and network equipment. It is expected that(…)

Monstrous plate Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Liquid is useful for developers

At the conference, Engadget Show, Qualcomm introduced a development platform based on its recently announced CPU Snapdragon MSM8960 S4 . This is a powerful tablet, but it is not intended for sale to users, and is designed for developers Android applications. Model Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Liquid MDP (Mobile Development Platform) is equipped with 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display with 1366(…)

Adobe: Flash will thrive inspite of Windows 8

Adobe has stated that even though Microsoft’s decision to the lack of Flash support in the Metro-version of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 8, it will continue the development of technology – a desktop version of the browser IE10 will continue to support Flash. In addition, the company reported that it is working on a version of(…)

Innovation Qualcomm Istanbul 2011: All Quiet on the ARM

September 14 in Istanbul hosted the conference Innovation Qualcomm Istanbul 2011. Guide Qualcomm, the manufacturer of various solutions based on the architecture ARM, has decided to share with journalists from around the world their vision of mobile platforms and network devices, as well as to demonstrate the finished products that use chips company. President and CEO(…)