Australia sent a representative to protect the rights of the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange

Australian Senator Scott Ladlam arrived in Europe to guarantee human rights in respect of the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. A human rights activist has already met with Swedish colleagues to discuss further the future of the infamous Australian. “While in London to decide whether to extradite Assange in Stockholm, I was requested to explore all(…)

Safety requirements are designed to strengthen a broken SSL system: too little, too late

Consortium has published a set of practices of security, which they hope will apply all the centers of authentication to web browsers and other software trusted their certificates SSL. The basic requirements published by the Certification Authority / Browser Forum, designed to prevent breaches of security in the intricate network of trust that forms the(…)

The new technology, open source DNS protects users’ connections

The connection between the user and DNS-service can now be protected by an encrypted session to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofing, sniffing, or. In OpenDNS created an open source tool that protects endangered usually link. OpenDNS today proposed the first version of the tool DNSCrypt, which was set up for your own DNS-service OpenDNS, and is also(…)

Detection of APT: at the time of invasion

If criminals want to get inside the system – perhaps they will find a way.Security experts give tips on how to detect an intrusion. Notable attacks against major industrial companies, have shown that a good security system can complicate penetration of the system to the attacker, but rather persistent hacker will find a way to(…)

Started beta testing a new version of Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft announced the open beta date anti-virus package assembly Security Essentials, received index 4.0.1111.0 and ensure the protection of workstations running 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems from all sorts of threats HR/Vista/7. Presented by the solution is characterized sophisticated anti-malware engine, equipped with automatic removal of malicious software with a high level threats without any user(…)

Firewalls cannot cope with the onslaught of DDoS-attacks

A study conducted by F5 Networks, found that companies are still very much rely on firewalls to protect against DoS-attacks despite the fact that this class of devices is often not doing its job. The study, which was attended by 1000 medium and large organizations from 10 countries, found that 45% of respondents regularly fall(…)

DARPA will protect Internet

DARPA improves its strategy to protect the Internet and in connection with this budget, designed to study the IB for the coming 2012 will be increased from $ 120 million to $ 188 million. “We need more alternatives. According to our estimates, we are limited in their capabilities, both in attack and defense. And we(…)

Russia remains among the top four spammer countries

Russia continues to hold the beginning of the year fourth in the ranking of countries spammer with an exponent 6.7% of the total number of active zombie computers involved hackers for sending mass unsolicited mail. This is evidenced by an analytical report on Internet threats for the third quarter of 2011, prepared by the companies Entensys andCommtouch . Leaders(…)

Juniper enters into a cooperation agreement with Samsung to develop mobile security

The company Juniper Networks has expanded its security platform for the Junos Pulse series Samsung mobile phones based on Android. The company said it will integrate its security platform with hardware Samsung, to add some features that are not currently available for other devices Android. Among the remedies proposed for devices Samsung, will be the(…)

Bank has adopted “data warehouse security”

Zions Bancorporation has deployed a massive repository for proactive analysis in real-time data protection and business data to detect phishing attacks, fraud prevention and reflect the underlying intrusion (APT). “This system allows you to start using different types of events around the organization, such as patterns of behavior in the network”, – said Preston Wood,(…)