eBay introduced, SQL-like language for interacting with web-services

EBay has submitted a draft, in which prepared the implementation of a declarative domain-specific language for the formation of the samples, acting as a superstructure over the traditional Web API of existing services. language based on the ideas and uses a SQL data manipulation when the format JSON. The project objective is to reduce development(…)

“The method of duckling” to solve complex problems

Programmers (developers?) Like to consider themselves to be creative, but engineers have decades earlier, and allow themselves such they could not. Modern creative developers have even invented a very interesting and creative way to solve complex problems – delegating their mind’s assistant, a  yellow rubber ducky from the bathroom. So does the book advises, “The programmer progmatik.” It seems(…)

7 web development trends 2011: Tools of progressive developers

Keep up with all emerging technologies for building Web applications possible. Yes and no reason. But for trendy solutions that are tested on real projects gururazrabotchikami, monitor needed. We have tried to track down the most striking trends – and that’s what happened. Trend 1. Refusal to SQL Modern web projects imposed enormous demands on the part of the(…)

Championships in not just programming

Speaking of conferences, forums, conferences and lan-party, can not be neglected by hacking and hacking contests and championships. But a lot of them, for the prizes they pay good money, and generally participate in such events – it’s a very rewarding experience. ACM ICPC When: Registration command ends in September Quarter held in October in November(…)

Risk management in third-party software

Companies should focus on identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities in the libraries they depend on their own products, experts say. Ask the Director of Information Technology security applications, and you’ll get many answers about attempts to identify vulnerabilities on their own products. But in many cases, the risk is not in the code that wrote the internal(…)

Id publish the source code of Doom 3

At his speech at QuakeCon on Thursday, John Carmack , co-founder and lead programmer Id Software, said the company plans to release the source code of Doom 3. Carmack said he had received permission from the parent company to publish the source Zenimax and is going to do it after the release of his new game, Rage,(…)

Shell for the blue screen: Learn Programming with Native API example in shell

If you want ScanDisk to correct the mistakes of the system partition, which can not be turned off during Windows, and restart the program starts to open the login by displaying white letters on a blue screen. This is – a special mode of Windows, which still does not work subsystem Win32, but there is full(…)