The world’s first CPU of 5GHz

AMD has introduced the most powerful processor in the family of AMD FX and the world’s first commercially available CPU with a clock frequency of 5 GHz. Processor AMD FX-9590 with 8 cores provide high performance for gaming and multimedia applications on desktop computers. It is symbolic that his presentation was held at the conference(…)

Black Hat: Scientists have created a program for reversing the smart card chip

At Black Hat hackers demonstrated a tool that can hacking software, hardwired chips are well protected – that Scientists were able to assess weaknesses in the algorithms. In the center of the release, announced on Wednesday at a security conference Black Hat, held in Las Vegas, is Degate – Developed Martin Shobertom for experts in(…)

Encryption on military chips hacked by analyzing the power consumption

German computer specialists used powerful graphics chips on the sorting of numbers to demonstrate the possibility of an attack on the encryption mechanism in programmable chips. Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processors used in embedded systems in military and aerospace industries, are vulnerable to attacks based on an analysis of the energy consumed in the(…)