Police will not charge penalties from people watching internet porn

Police will not charge penalties from people watching internet porn. However, fraudulent messages that appear as pop-ups and position themselves as messages from the police, say that a user’s computer is locked for viewing adult content. Fraud victims reported that they have to pay a fine of 100 pounds to supposedly restore access to your computer. Details(…)

Bosnian attacker has collected a large number of illegal porn

A citizen of Bosnia, was arrested by agents of the Bosnian federal police on Cybercrime after discovering a large number of pornographic images and videos of children on his computer. According to a press release issued by the federal police, law enforcement agents found more than 1.5 million pornographic images and videos 10 000, reflecting(…)

Apple has captured pornographic domains

Apple now owns a number of new domain names that have the title word “iPhone” – even though each of these sites associated with mobile porn. If you notice the fact that the legislative power of Apple may bring it to their attention, the owner agreed to transfer a domain of their company. According to Domain(…)

Porn giant sues for domain XXX

According to the Wall Street Journal, which obtained information about the lawsuit, filed in the District Court of California, the company Manwin opposed the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN), as well as the ICM Registry, the company engaged in registering domain names. The bottom line is that the above companies Manwin accused of(…)

Anonymous hackers, hacked site with child pornography

Members of the team hacktivists Anonymous claimed responsibility for the disabling of the underground site with child pornography and the publication of a list of its members. These accounts 1589 members of the Lolita City have been published as part of Operation Anonymous Operation Darknet, which is the fight against abuse and perversion of pedophiles(…)

Porn was uploaded at channel “Sesame Street” on YouTube

Hacked channel children’s program “Sesame Street” on YouTube. As reported by The Next Web, it happened on Sunday, October 16. As a result of breaking the existing video has been removed and instead there pornographic videos. After a break in the profile of the channel “Sesame Street” was reported, in which criminals are represented as “MrEdxwx and(…)