Compromised and published personal data of law enforcement officials of the U.S.

Official website of the organization Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail has been compromised by a hacker who uses the nickname Exphin1ty and who, as he claims, belongs to the group Anonymous. The result of the attack was a temporary stop of the site and the publication of names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers(…)

Police will not charge penalties from people watching internet porn

Police will not charge penalties from people watching internet porn. However, fraudulent messages that appear as pop-ups and position themselves as messages from the police, say that a user’s computer is locked for viewing adult content. Fraud victims reported that they have to pay a fine of 100 pounds to supposedly restore access to your computer. Details(…)

Law enforcement agencies are trying to deal with encrypted drive

If you prefer to keep data confidential, listen: Encrypted drives are very difficult to crack, which could not disappoint the police. MrSeb published a report called “The growing influence of disk encryption on digital criminology,” which describes how difficult it is to do it. Overview can be found here , and here are a brief introduction: The increasing(…)

Moscow police detained fraud in online banking

The staff of the Moscow department of economic security and to combat corruption have been detained by members of an organized criminal group, trades fraud in online banking. The press office of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow. According to the department information, intruders by introducing malicious(…)

Newcastle Police website was hacked and used for phishing

Northumbria Police authorities are faced with a number of serious safety problems after the August holidays. Not only is the site of police foul-mouthed hackers deface suffered from Tunisia, who referred to bond with the hacker group Anonymous, police also found themselves in a depressing situation, being the owners of a phishing page PayPal. In(…)