Untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1

A group of hackers “evad3rs” announced the release of the informal version of the OS. According to the group of hackers calling themselves “evad3rs”, in the public domain appeared to untether iOS 6.x. Unofficial version of the operating system Apple is available for download on the web-site of independent developers. “Jailbreak evasi0n iOS 6/6.1 saw(…)

Untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 will be released on February 3rd

Developers of unofficial version of the operating system reported successful hacking attempt. According to the hacker group «evad3rs» on Twitter, experts in hacking iOS successfully conducted the first test to compromise iOS 6.1. «IOS 6.1, as it turned out, is vulnerable to the exploits that we planned to use” – results from the notice of(…)

Hackers managed to crack iPhone 4S

Hacker Justin Hovet (Dustin Howett) under the pseudonym Pod2g, published in the public domain in the Internet video, which demonstrated a successful jailbreak iPhone 4S smartphone based operating system iOS 5.0.1.The video can be seen as a specialist unit reboots Hacked and runs applications Cydia and Siri. Recall that on finding the necessary vulnerability and(…)