Experts: Censorship does not work on pirate sites

Researchers from Northeastern University in Boston conducted a study, the results of which show that blocking pirate sites is ineffective. Experts analyzed the availability of pirated material on file-exchange sites and found that pirates have the time to publish more illegal content than copyright holders to censor. The study found that blocking Megaupload had little(…)

Court: IP address does not identify pirate

The judge dismissed the suit for copyright infringement because same IP address is not sufficient to identify the true defendant. According to the decision of a federal judge in New York, Gary Brown, only one IP address is not sufficient to accuse a specific person in the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. As follows from(…)

Pirated hard drive on display as a piece of art

The New York gallery is a work of “art” which consists of a portable hard drive to 1TB, full of pirated software. Paul Manuel exhibit titled “5 Million Dollars a Terabyte” (1TB worth of $ 5 million), currently being exhibited in the gallery of New York (Art 404 gallery), consists of a simple hard drive,(…)

U.S. Internet companies have opposed anti-piracy laws

In the U.S., several major Internet companies, including Google, Yahoo and Facebook, have announced their protest against the SOPA – American Law against online piracy, which would allow the authorities to deny access to sites with pirated content. They previously expressed its disapproval of these two bills, but now 9 giants in the face of(…)

Rejection of DRM-protection will help reduce piracy

Researchers at Rice University (Rice University) analyzed the market for digital entertainment and concluded that the abolition of DRM-protection will help reduce piracy. As strange as it may sound, but the copy protection makes life not pirates, but just the opposite – a law-abiding citizens.¬†And finally, namayavshis with any StarForce, such users move “on the(…)

Chinese police have uncovered a case of fake iPhone

The police in Shanghai detained five suspects in the case of forgery, in which criminals are supposedly “earned” $ 750 000. According to the newspaper Shanghai Daily, in July this year, police conducted a raid on an underground studio in the county Hammer, which is not far from the process area Shanghai Multimedia Valley, and(…)

Over 80% of users are not willing to forgo pirated content

The vast majority of Internet users in Russia, more than 80% are not ready to abandon the use of pirated media content online, while they declare that they are aware of the dangers associated with it, according to market participants legal content on the Internet. “More than 80% are willing to forgo consumption of pirated(…)

Pirated software is installed on nearly every other computer in the world

The international organization Business Software Alliance (BSA) estimated the scale the software piracy in several dozen countries around the world. It is reported that the published data are based on a survey of approximately 15 thousand owners of personal computers, living in 32 states. The survey showed that illegal software regularly or from time to(…)