Magento – PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded

While installing Magento on XAMPP – I got this petty restriction PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded Simple XAMPP Solution Goto the php directory, in my case C:\xampp\php Then open the php.ini file & find¬†extension=php_curl.dll uncomment that code by removing the ; (semi-colon) Restart your xampp/wamp server You are good to go ūüôā While installing(…)

Send simple Mail

To simply just send an email with subject & message you just need to use the following code mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers); where $headers¬†¬†=¬†‘MIME-Version:¬†1.0’¬†.¬†“\r\n”; $headers¬†.=¬†‘Content-type:¬†text/html;¬†charset=iso-8859-1’¬†.¬†“\r\n”; $headers¬†.=¬†‘From:¬†Me <>’¬†.¬†“\r\n”; $headers¬†.=¬†‘Cc:’¬†.¬†“\r\n”; $headers¬†.=¬†‘Bcc:¬†’¬†.¬†“\r\n”; You need to change the ini settings for the mail setting in the PHP.ini file [mail function] ; For Win32 only. SMTP = localhost //change this to your(…)