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PHP IDE Review : CodeLobster

For a long time, I worked in PHP for development. I’ve developed Java Web applications with Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA. These are a great Java IDEs. I wanted something similar for PHP. Recently I came across Code Lobster – a Portable PHP IDE, so reviewing it for our readers at LetsByteCode.   IDE Features(…)

XDebug Debugger – Netbeans Tutorial

You need to configure your PHP stack to use XDebug. The process differs if you are using XAMPP 1.7.1, which bundles PHP 5.2.6, or XAMPP 1.7.2, which bundles PHP 5.3. Many users have experienced difficulties in getting XDebug to work on their systems.. XDebug on XAMPP 1.7.1 (PHP 5.2) You must download XDebug, place the .dll file(…)