Reader PocketBook 611 basic: slim 6-inch budget models with Wi-Fi

The device has a modern design, has a 6-inch screen on the basis of electronic ink, productive hardware, read by a wide range of formats, additional software and wireless adapter Wi-Fi.┬áConsidering the above features and good build quality, reader, is relatively inexpensive – about $ 170.┬áPlus, having a small size (122.6 x 176.38 x 9.7(…)

New Trojan for Mac OS X is hidden inside PDF

Malicious programs to Mac OS X, simply can not compete with the Windows Malicious Software on the prevalence or diversity.┬áBut, apparently, malicious programs for OS X can learn from some of the most successful schemes, which are used to trick users Windows-viruses. Researchers presented a sample of the Trojan running in OS X, which disguises(…)