AGARI offers companies free to deploy the solution DMARC

DMARC is used to authenticate the senders of e-mails. The company AGARI, which develops security solutions for email, today announced the launch of the program «DMARC Receiver», aimed at the realization of a free authentication system, e-mail messages to everyone. Any company can use frequently updated database of phishers and spammers. Recall that for message(…)

U.S. fears of hacker attacks on the national power grid by Anonymous

U.S. officials suspected of intending to attack Anonymous energy system. U.S. authorities fear that Anonymous will bring down the energy system of the country in a year or two. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, quoting the head of U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), General Keith Alexander (Keith Alexander). The reason for this(…)

Large companies introduce a new system to protect against phishing attacks

Standard DMARC designed to authenticate e-mails. Large companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal, LinkedIn, AOL, Bank of America and others, have developed a standard for handling e-mail, designed to combat phishing attacks. Standard DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) allows relatively precise filter and block the transfer of messages sent to defrauding the user of(…)

PayPal comes in and starts to accept online payments at supermarkets

Internet payment system PayPal is planning to organize the possibility of off-line payments in more than 2,000 U.S. stores Home Depot, are part of one of the largest retailers in the country. Press Secretary PayPal Anuj Nayar said that at the moment PayPal organized opportunities for payment in 51 major store Home Depot, but PayPal itself(…)

PayPal is testing offline service purchases

payment service PayPal is testing the technology off-line payments for purchase. On the eve of PayPal began testing a novelty in the network of U.S. supermarket chain Home Depot, where buyers invited to pay for purchases without using cash or credit cards.The pilot program is still operating in the five supermarket Home Depot, told with PayPal.(…)

Phishing “change of address PayPal” is gaining momentum

PayPal users are once again under attack by messages allegedly sent by the payment and to encourage them to fill out a form where you must specify the personal and financial information in order to prevent blocking of accounts: The theme, “You have changed your PayPal email address” sender is trying to convince the recipient(…)

PayPal launches Facebook-application for sending money to friends

In the field of social welfare payments had a huge breakthrough. Payment system PayPal has released an application for Facebook, which allows you to send money to friends. The application, called simply Send Money, is as simple as its name. You can send either an e-card with money or just money without cards. You choose a card, then(…)

PayPal strives to become the main payment system

eBay plans to open a PayPal Access, a service that would allow users to use their PayPal account on other sites without the need to register an account or credit card. Service, which will be shown at a conference of developers X. Commerce, which holds eBay in San Francisco, essentially cancels need to register accounts(…)

PayPal opens store in New York City in order to present new technologies of making payments

PayPal plans to open a pop-up shop in Downtown Manhattan in New York in order to demonstrate some new tools and technology payments the company plans to debut in this area over the next few months. Trade area will be located at 174 Hudson in TriBeCa district, adjacent to Manhattan. After three and a half months,(…)

Password habits of Australians are poor

“After 20 years we have taught everyone to use passwords that are hard to remember the human brain, but it’s easy to guess the computer” – says the site xkcd . Perhaps that’s why people do not change their passwords until one does not force them to do so.That’s no wonder these results were obtained as a(…)