Honeypot with fake passwords to hackers

It took just 18 hours after the expert in information security Kyle Wilhoit (Kyle Wilhoit) connected to the Internet with two fake and one real SCADA-system – and they have already started to attack someone. The widespread popularity among script kiddies search engines such as Shodan, as well as basic tools for hacking turns every industrial(…)

DirectPass: password manager from Trend Micro

The regiment password managers replenishment. Another similar product has released the company Trend Micro, a well-known developer of various products in the field of computer security. They created a program called DirectPass and has broader functionality than a normal password manager. DirectPass an encrypted storage of textual information. First and foremost, there must be stored usernames and passwords from online(…)

Windows 8 will offer password-images

No matter how opposed the security experts are, but the fact remains – no matter how many times people have warned about using strong passwords, the majority of them will still use short, simple and easy to remember. We’re not talking about what you need to stop all attempts to bring this idea to the(…)

Misuse of passwords – the main reason for hacking

According to Lieberman Software, 48% of surveyed IT professionals working in the security organization, whose network has been compromised by hackers. The survey painted a clear picture of the complete mess that is going on with the passwords among IT staff and senior management indifference to save the password. 51% of respondents have 10 or more(…)

Smartphone users prefer the convenience of security

In a survey of users of smartphones and tablets, most respondents acknowledged that not password protect their mobile devices even if they do not go out of important accounts and online applications, exposing their devices at risk of burglary, fraud and information theft, the company said Confident Technologies. The study also found an exciting trend(…)

Password habits of Australians are poor

“After 20 years we have taught everyone to use passwords that are hard to remember the human brain, but it’s easy to guess the computer” – says the site xkcd . Perhaps that’s why people do not change their passwords until one does not force them to do so.That’s no wonder these results were obtained as a(…)

70% of people in Hong Kong use the same password for accounts

About 70% of people in Hong Kong use the same password for an average of seven online accounts, said Tuesday the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and PayPal Hong Kong in publicizing the results of studies on the safety of online payments. The study was commissioned by PayPal Hong Kong, and developed and hosted(…)

10 most common iPhone passwords

The problem of weak passwords is not limited to computers. This fact was found application developer, who added a code to identify user’s password to one of their applications. “Because the password input screen and lock screen in Big Brother [discussion software] are almost identical to the protection provided by the iPhone, I found that(…)