Oracle mistakenly published PoC-code vulnerability in MySQL

Together with the latest version of MySQL, you can download the script, showing the operation of underlying vulnerability. Oracle has recently published patches for vulnerabilities in MySQL mistakenly published PoC-code to a denial of service vulnerability. Recall that in March this year, Oracle has released update 5.5.22, which fixed a few vulnerabilities. Detailed information about(…)

Oracle provides centralized standardization of Java

Oracle Corporation proposes to change the rules of a committee responsible for oversight and standardization of technical standards development language Java. Oracle proposal is to create a single central committee, other than the now defunct distributed structure. Oracle, said that the current committee is responsible for standardization of Java is designed so that the statement of(…)

Oracle database vulnerable

SQL-injection and other advanced threat gain momentum, and researchers complain that the effort that Oracle spends on other applications that distract the company from enhancing security of databases. Word of Oracle’s database security is not supported by case? Some researchers from the community associated with databases, think so. They complain that since the giant grew even more,(…)

Large companies failed test for susceptibility to social engineering

Published report describes the results of “capture the flag” competition, conducted among 14 companies engaged in retail trade, air transportation, food, technology and mobile services. It turns out that employees engaged in retail trade, harder to catch the bait of social engineering than the employees of call centers or customer support site. This is just(…)

Oracle posted NoSQL Database Download

Oracle has published its information platform NoSQL Database developers to download and corporate users. The company has published links to download the Enterprise Edition version of the platform. Version of open source-community awaits a final license approval. Introduced earlier this month at a conference OpenWorld, NoSQL Database is a platform designed to help users manage large(…)

Oracle closed vulnerability in Java SE platform

Corporation Oracle announced the release of a set of updates for a member of the platform Java Standard Edition (SE) sixth and seventh editions of the software tools. According to published information specialists Oracle provided updates-Java SE 6 Update 29 and Java SE 7 Update 1 – remove two dozen vulnerabilities , five of which have the status of hazardous(…)

DLP-Russia 2011: Roundtable “Forensic and investigation of cyber crime”

October 28, at the Congress Centre “InfoSpace” IV International Conference will be held DLP-Russia 2011. Key themes of the conference will be the protection of information from internal threats and leaks. This year, organizers decided to expand the subject and hold a round table “Forensic and investigation of cyber crime.” The discussion will be affected by the development(…)

Oracle plans to fix 56 bugs in October

Oracle has published an advance notice of the upcoming release of updates. The company said the patch, which is scheduled for release on October 18, must fix about 56 bugs in the platforms of Database, Application Server, Fusion Middleware, etc. The release will also include a number of fixes for the products of Sun. Among the(…)

The more exploits for sale, the higher the level of security

Sale will help companies exploit their security check, but is suitable for this purpose whether the free market? Within ten years, researchers in the field of information security have the opportunity to earn money by selling the details of important vulnerabilities to commercial programs : first, in Vulnerability Contributor Program, launched in 2002 iDefense, then in the(…)

Firefox developers are considering to fully lock Java-function

Some time ago, independent researchers have demonstrated how to exploit code BEAST can without much difficulty to decrypt the data transmitted over a secure Internet connection. Now, browser makers have pondered how to overcome the method implemented in the BEAST data being compromised, experts Mozilla, it seems, are ready to go on even very drastic steps. Attacker Code(…)