Oracle Linux

New update of the operating system Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle has released an update for its Linux-distribution. According to a press release on the official web-site Oracle, a new version of Linux-distribution company Oracle Unbreakable Linux. The new version of the kernel was based on Linux 3.0.16 and can be installed on Oracle Linux 5 or 6. Among other things, the developers have implemented(…)

Dell’s Migration from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux

In June of 2010, Dell made the decision to migrate 1,700 systems from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux, while leaving the hardware and application layers unchanged. Standardization across the Linux platforms helped make this large-scale conversion possible. The majority of the site-specific operating system and application configuration could simply be backed up and restored directly(…)

Oracle began spreading environment NetBeans 7.1

Oracle announced the release of new version of the IDE NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 7.1. NetBeans IDE 7.1 – is a freely available, open (open source) integrated development environment available for the operating platform Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Mac, Windows and other distributions of Linux. The NetBeans Platform allows developers to quickly build enterprise,(…)