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New update of the operating system Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle has released an update for its Linux-distribution. According to a press release on the official web-site Oracle, a new version of Linux-distribution company Oracle Unbreakable Linux. The new version of the kernel was based on Linux 3.0.16 and can be installed on Oracle Linux 5 or 6. Among other things, the developers have implemented(…)

XP is losing ground – Windows 7 builds popularity

From August to September increase in the use of Windows 7 began to accelerate. While previous monthly increase in the proportion of expressed 1% in September, he jumped from 30.6% to 32.42%, or 1.82%. It seems that this was not a single anomaly: the velocity of Windows 7 is really growing. More: XP is losing ground(…)

Microsoft will release Windows 8 August 2012

The next year is expected to launch the new operating systems Windows. However, it is difficult to say exactly when this will happen. Recent rumors point to the second half of next year, or more precisely, in August. The software giant is in a hurry to bring the new OS, because Microsoft must somehow respond to the alarming(…)

Windows 8 will be faster due to improved working memory

In the last entry blog Building Windows 8 Microsoft Performance Team Leader Bill Karagounis (Bill Karagounis) talked about some innovations introduced in the coming operating system and to optimize memory use. One such innovation is the integration of memory. The problem is that Windows applications can reserve a lot of buckets, and not only those in which they(…)