Open source

GNU MediaGoblin: free alternative to Flickr, YouTube and SoundCloud

The Free Software Foundation has not yet collected the necessary $ 60 million (only $ 45,800), but still has started the implementation of the project as promised, MediaGoblin – decentralized platform sharing of photos, video and audio, that is a free alternative to Flickr, YouTube and SoundCloud. Has released version 0.4. Talisman project – funny(…)

Difference between GlassFish Open Source and Commercial Editions

GlassFish open source provides a complete Java EE 6 compliant, free, and server applications with open source. It is also available in the distribution profile of the Internet and can be downloaded from It is easy to use (e-mail setup and NetBeans / Eclipse / IntelliJ integration), light (load from 30 MB, a small disk /(…)

History of Open Source

The use of the designation open source was suggested by Christine Peterson of the Foresight Institute to remove the ambiguity of the word Free Software means that free in the sense of “freedom” but also “free”, and so remind users that software at a cost. It was also to choose a vocabulary better suited to the business world, the term Free (free) Free(…)

MIT develops MITx: open-source software for online education

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will expand its range of services for online education a new project, known as MITx. This project will be based on another project a decade ago, OpenSourceWare.The software will be open to allow other institutions to use it for their programs online education. The new platform will be able to provide(…)

10 most important Open Source projects in 2011

That came to an end for another year. It’s time to step back and evaluate everything that has happened during this period. It turns out that in 2011 became a model in terms of support for open source projects. So select 10 projects have been quite difficult. But what is meant by the word “important”? Obviously, this is not(…)

HP makes webOS into an independent and fully open source project

Hewlett-Packard Company announced its decision to transfer an independent community source mobile platform webOS, as well as delegation of independent non-profit organization of all functions related to decision-making and project management. In addition to direct code webOS, scheduled to open source all of the associated components, such as framework Enyo. Thus, webOS is completely open project –(…)

The new technology, open source DNS protects users’ connections

The connection between the user and DNS-service can now be protected by an encrypted session to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofing, sniffing, or. In OpenDNS created an open source tool that protects endangered usually link. OpenDNS today proposed the first version of the tool DNSCrypt, which was set up for your own DNS-service OpenDNS, and is also(…)