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Norman: How safe is your browser?

Norman questioned the company safety study of the browsers of Accuvant LABS. Experts antivirus company Norman questioned the study of the safety of the browsers, conducted by Accuvant LABS. Earlier, Accuvant LABS safest browser recognized Chrome, in second place Internet Explorer, and third place went to Firefox. It should be noted that the study was commissioned by Google. According to the survey, it was(…)

Russian hackers have destroyed equipment at the water company

Hackers destroyed the pump, which was used by the U.S. water supply, after gaining unauthorized access to the control system, control equipment, said an expert on computer security. Joe Weiss, managing partner of Applied Control Solutions, said the threat came after hackers broke into the manufacturer’s control systems and data that were used by many(…)

The more exploits for sale, the higher the level of security

Sale will help companies exploit their security check, but is suitable for this purpose whether the free market? Within ten years, researchers in the field of information security have the opportunity to earn money by selling the details of important vulnerabilities to commercial programs : first, in Vulnerability Contributor Program, launched in 2002 iDefense, then in the(…)

NSS Labs is offering a reward for new exploits

NSS Labs raises the stakes in its market ExploitHub, offering rewards for security guru exploit writing for a dozen “critical” vulnerabilities. The company plans to pay $ 4,400 from $ 100 to $ 500 for developers, who will present the first working exploits for vulnerabilities. Ten security vulnerabilities in the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, two more(…)