Red October – a complex two-stage cyber attack

Kaspersky Lab reported on a large-scale campaign of cyber espionage called Red October, which was carried out by hackers over the past five years. The main target were diplomatic, government agencies and academic organizations. Experts analyzed the anatomy of attacks, attackers scheduled the attacks over wide geography of victims, information was obtained by fraudulent sinkhole and(…)

StatCounter: Mobile traffic increased by 2 times per year

According to the survey, most of the traffic generated by users of mobile phones Nokia. According to research conducted by StatCounter, during 2011 the amount of traffic generated by mobile devices (without tablet computers),increased 2-fold. The largest share in this indicator belongs to the users mobile phone company Nokia (37,67%). The share of smart phones from Apple is(…)

Hackers can get other people’s mobile phones to send paid messages

Disadvantages of mobile communication standards give fraudsters the opportunity without the knowledge of the phone owner to arrange sending SMS messages to premium rate numbers or to create difficulties in obtaining ordinary text messages. The vulnerability concerns the messaging system for applications that are installed by operators in the SIM-card. This system is called SIM Application(…)

Unique Services for Nokia Windows Phone hacked and available to everyone

No sooner had the company Nokia to bring to market vehicles in the first Windows Phone, as corporate services, designed to provide telephone company from the competition and increase their attractiveness to potential buyers had been hacked and ported to other WP-device. Pali first navigation service and Nokia Drive program Nokia Maps, providing free navigation(…)

Android Opera Mini ahead in the race for the title number 2 Mobile Browser

According to Net Applications, Android browser has overtaken Opera Mini, and became the second most common mobile browsers. The share of mobile browser from Google in the market has grown steadily in the period from January to October, and has risen from 12% to 18%. And the use of Opera Mini in that same period fell(…)

Nokia Defaced

Nokia website was hacked by a hacker Indian “pr0tect0r AKA mrNRG”. He defaced subdomain and a number of its pages. Hacker in particular wrote: “LOL, the world number 1 mobile company did not pay attention to safety and a gram! Close your holes, or become yet another victim Antisec”. Deface available on Zone-H .

Symbian Phones – Nokias

If you are a Nokia User & Facing troubles with it then don’t worry I can help you figure out solution for Memory Boost & a lot more tools compatible with Symbian Memory Boost You need to take care of your internal & external memory. Heavy media files on your internal memory can cause the(…)